Training Services

Training Services

Aldamar German Shepherds is proud to offer training services from the beginning puppy stages to maturing adults.

German Shepherds need lots of exercise, both mentally and physically to keep them happy. They do require lots of attention because they are bred to be working dogs so the more play time and jobs they receive the happier your German Shepherd will be.

To enjoy your Aldamar German Shepherd to the fullest we do recommend training for your German Shepherd puppy. Please seek expert advise before training if you decide to train yourself. The puppy’s stages are the most important cornerstones for their future and if handled wrong you could potentially leave a mental scar for entire life.

Our trainers are recognized in the USA and Germany for their outstanding techniques and high Schutzhund trial scores. We can train your Aldamar bred German Shepherd in the USA or Germany to the top level Schutzhund Titles.

Your Aldamar German Shepherd can be your family’s favorite pet but a trained Aldamar German Shepherd can be your family’s best friend!!

1. Basic puppy training services
2. Foundation puppy training for Schutzhund.
3. Schutzhund training services
4. Behavior Modification
5. Basic Obedience on and off leash

Please note: Training services are offered to Vom Aldamar German Shepherds only. If you are interested in any of these services and you have purchased a puppy or young adult from Aldamar German Shepherds then please contact us for more details to begin your training today!


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