My husband and I just wanted to tell you how very, very impressed with Aldamar German Shepherds Kennel we are. This is the best kennel I have ever visited, definitely at the very top of the list and I have been to allot of them through the years.This kennel is fantastic, it is not only very modern but also extremely clean. Which is a big plus when it comes to kennels and dog health. They get allot of attention,care and loving from a very caring staff and of course from Ryan and his family.The dogs are all very healthy and happy.We really enjoyed the tour of the kennel and meeting all of his beautiful German Shepherds. These are family dogs they do not just live in the kennel they live in the house with the family also. I have had German Shepherds since I was four years old for most of my life and am now in my senior years. Some of my shepherds were really great and some not so great from poor breeding. But I have loved them all. So of course after my last one passed on I had to have another one in my life. So began a very long search that seemed sometimes like it would never end.

I had been hunting for two years for the right kennel when I found Ryan’s kennel online never dreaming that we would find one so close to home to purchase my next shepherd pup from. I do not feel like I could have picked a better kennel than Aldamar. All of our experiences with Ryan and his kennel have been totally positive ones.Ryan is always there to answer questions that we may have and to give us good sound advice when we need it.
A matter of fact we were so happy with our first purchase of Hecate vom Aldamar out of Hassan Endrefalva and Jana von Sensei, that we purchased a second puppy from Aldamar, Kachina vom Aldamar out of Kampari vom Osterberger-Land and Hanni vom Osterberger-Land. All I can say is Wow! These dogs are the absolute best I have ever had. We could not be happier with our purchases. Make no mistake these are real German Shepherds. They are highly intelligent and ready to do whatever job you give them and do it extremely well.They are not couch potatoes so they need lots of exercise, playing and training. They are very healthy and have excellent temperaments. We did not meet even one dog at Aldamar who didn’t have a fantastic temperament and also have great health to go along with it. I was in German Shepherd Heaven while we were there, it was like having a dream vacation and getting to go see your most favorite thing in the world. Which to me are German Shepherds, the very best dog breed I have ever owned.

Ryan Aras is somebody we need more of, he is an honest dog breeder. Which I am sorry to say is something that is hard to find. We and the German Shepherd breed need more people out there like him. You can tell from talking to him that he is not into breeding dogs for the money. Ryan is doing this for the great love he feels for the German Shepherd breed and is doing a fantastic job of it. He has put allot of time, money and love into his kennel and it really shows up in the quality of his puppies. Making sure all of the dogs he breeds are the best of the best and have excellent health and sound minds so he can have the same in the offspring. Which is a major benefit for those of us trying to find the ultimate German Shepherd puppy to bring into our homes. And so we can have a healthy, happy, long lived companion in our families, or in whatever capacity we may need a German Shepherd for.

Donna and Jimmy Keys
Baytown, Texas


My husband and I had the best experience at Aldamar German Shepherds breeding. Ryan was so helpful and taught us so much about the history of their breeding, the lineage and gave us great tips on care. He even sent us home with vitamins for the dogs, a huge bag of dog food and some fabulous dog toys. I felt completely confident that we had made the right choice after checking out the kennels and the dogs there. Loki is the best boy, so smart and already trained. I couldn’t recommend Aldamar more if you are looking for a true German Shepherd.

I want to thank you for the quality of puppy you have supplied me. He already has the confidence of full grown dog. His intelligence seems to be off the chart. He is quick to learn and willing to please. When he met my two grandchildren he was very playful with the 8 yr old grandson and very calm and caring to the 9 month old granddaughter. On a few occasions he has seen what he perceived as a threat and became very protective. He saw my shadow on the fence while we were outside late Sunday night. He ran in front of me and stood his ground, even when I darted and moved the shadow. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am. After 1 day of work, he comes to the front, sits and waits for his treat.
Again, thank you for truly supplying a “World Class Aldamar German Shepherd”.

Mr. Derrell and his young adult Aldamar puppy Aurelius months later!

I am fortunate to live very close to Aldamar Kennels. When I first went to Aldamar Kennels looking for a puppy I was just hoping to see some nice looking German Shepherds. When I got to the kennel what I saw was the most impressive kennel I have ever seen. The Shepherds were housed in an indoor state of the art air conditioned facility and you could have eaten off the floor. I am not exaggerating you have to see it to believe it.

Aldamar German Shepherds were some of the best looking examples of the breed I have ever seen. I brought my whole family to help pick out our new puppy. Ryan let us visit with all his dogs and not just the litter on the ground, we were able to meet their parents. His German Shepherds were not only beautiful they were social, confident and well mannered. My wife and kids did not want to leave and neither did I. We had a blast just playing with his dogs.

Of course we came to get a puppy and we ended up getting one from the H litter out of Endrefalva Hassan and Jana von Sensei. We missed getting one of the puppies from the litter we first went to see because they went so fast. Luckily, the male puppy (Hutch) we got from the next litter was a beauty. Hutch is almost a year old now and everywhere I go whether for a walk down the street, the veterinarian office or the local pet store people always stop me and compliment me on my Aldamar German Shepherd. Hutch’s looks are not even the best part of Hutch, his temperament is outstanding!! He is sweet, social and confident. To quote my wife, “Hutch is the perfect dog”.

Of course Ryan has been everything you would expect from a reputable breeder. He answers all my questions and text of which there have been more than a few. He also lets us come by for the occasional visit to his kennels to see his dogs and his latest litter.

If you are within driving distance you owe it to yourself to travel down to get one of his puppies. If you are too far to drive you should fly down to pick up your puppy, you will not regret it! If there is no way you can pick up the dog in person then you should feel safe in the knowledge that your puppy is coming from one of nicest cleanest and most reputable kennels in the United States.

Trent Bond


German shepherds

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