German Shepherds

German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the world, with a look of nobility and power that is instantly recognizable. There is nothing that the German Shepherd can’t do. It’s intelligence and versatility make the breed a loving companion as well as a dependable working dog with a host of different jobs. With its natural easy troff the German Shepherd seems to move effortlessly, demonstrating energy in every ground covering stride. The German Shepherd is descended from old farm and herding breeds and was perfected in 1889 by Captain Max von Stephanitz, widely known as the grandfather of the breed. Character is considered the German Shepherd’s most important attribute.

As a herding dog, the breed possesses the courage to protect the flock from attack. For police work and drug detection, the dog has stable nerves and keen sense ability. As guide dogs for the blind the breed has high intelligence, discrimination, and good judgement. The German Shepherd’s amazing aptitude for training allows it to excel in all these activities. The size and structure of the dog makes it an ideal candidate for all these jobs and more. This is a medium large dog strong and well muscled with sufficient weight for a to be effective to be a herder and police dog, yet agile enough leap, spring, and turn on a dime. Fans the world over have sung the German Shepherd praises since the days of Rin-Tin-Tin on the big screen and the breed’s heroic exploits in times of war. The German Shepherd does not give affection lightly but once given it is forever.

Trained Dogs for Sale

At Aldamar we are certified dog trainers as well as professional breeders for top German Shepherds. Our experience has shown us that many behavioral problems can be eliminated by not only by selectively breeding from only the very best lines for sound temperament, clear minds, and calm disposition but also by taking the time to condition young puppies for the world they will need to adjust to.


German shepherds

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