German Commands

German Commands

Training along with continuing education for your German Shepherd are pivotal tasks to sustain the overall wellness of your dog. German is a profound language and the German Shepherds inherently sense the language so they typically pick up on these commands very quickly . German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and sturdy of the pet dog breeds. Training German Shepherds are not an easy task which is why we recommend starting command training as a young puppy.

German Commands with English Pronunciation

Ablegen [ab-leg-hen] Lie down and lie still!
Achtung [ahh-tuunk] Look out! Watch! On guard!
Apport [ah-port] Fetch!
Auf [auwf] Up! when the dog is lying
Aus [aous] Out! Let go!
Bleibsitzen [blieb-zit-zen] Stay! Keep sitting!
Bring [brink] Fetch!
Daun [down] Down! Drop! when dog off leash is to be halted at a distance from trainer
Fass [faas] Attack! Take it!
Fuss [fuus] Heel!
Gib laut [gib-laout] Speak!
Hier [here] Come!
Gut [guut] Good!
Gradaus [graud-ous] Straight ahead! Forward!!
Hoch [houhh] command for jumping
Hopp [hup] command for jumping
Komm [come] Come!
Kriech [creekh] Crawl! Creep!
Lass [laass] Let go! Out!
Leg dich [lig-dikh] Lie down!
Legen [leeg-en] Lie down!
Nimm [nim] Take it!
Pass auf [paas-ouwf] Watch out! Alert!
Pfui [pfooee] No! Shame!
Platz [plutz] Down!
Setzen [zet-zen] Sit!
Such [zukh] Seek! Trail!
Such, verloren [zukh fehr-loren] Seek a lost object!
Vorwärts [forr-vehrts] Go ahead!
Zur Spur [tsuhr-shpur] Trail!
Zur Wache [tsuhr-wa-heh] Watch! On guard!


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