Hello and welcome to Aldamar German Shepherds, a Top World Class German Shepherd breeder in Texas. Here you will find only Top Champion Sieger line Trained German Shepherds for sale in Texas and Top World Champion Sieger line Trained German Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas. Our Clients tell us we are one of the best German Shepherd Breeders!

All of our German Shepherd dogs are individually picked for there World Champion Sieger blood lines to improve the German Shepherd breed and maintain the original standards set by the SV (Verein Fur DeutcheSchaeferhunde Club) in Germany. If you have the love and passion for the German Shepherd breed as we do,then you have come to the right place to purchase your World Class German Shepherd trained puppy or trained adult!


Our studs conform to all German SV standards with regard to height and build. Our males are 24 to 26 inches tall with a masculine, well-proportioned head and body. Our studs are also certified healthy without any hip or elbow defects and sound overall health. They each have titles and ratings indicating their show quality and awards.

Our German Shepherd Dams conform to all German SV standards regarding height and built. Our females are 22 to 24 inches tall with a feminine, well proportioned head and body. All dames are certified healthy without any hip, elbow, or health defects. Our dames also have show titles and ratings and are among the most highly rated females in the world.

  • Donna and Jimmy Keys

    Hello, My husband and I just wanted to tell you how very, very impressed with Aldamar German Shepherds Kennel we are. This is the best kennel I have ever visited, definitely at the very top of the list and I have been to allot of them through the years.This kennel is fantastic, it is not […]

  • Corey Foley

    My husband and I had the best experience at Aldamar German Shepherds breeding. Ryan was so helpful and taught us so much about the history of their breeding, the lineage and gave us great tips on care. He even sent us home with vitamins for the dogs, a huge bag of dog food and some […]


Aldamar German Shepherds offers elite training services through all life stages. This breed needs lots of exercise, both mentally and physically to keep them happy. The more play time and jobs they receive, the happier they are. To enjoy your Aldamar German Shepherd to the fullest we do recommend training for your puppy. Contact us today.


The German Shepherd Dog is respected and admired throughout the world for its versatility, intelligence, and loyalty.

At the end of World War I came a new appreciation for the breed. The German Army had made good use of the breed as a war dog. Tales told by returning U.S. fighting men, some bringing shepherds with them, their intelligence and striking appearance of the dogs caught the attention of the general public.