• Gender:Male
  • Date of Birth:2009-03-28
  • Title:Schutzhund 3
  • Elbow:A1 (Excellent)
  • Hips:A1 (Excellent)
  • Value:79
  • Pedigree:SV/AKC
  • Survey:KKL1
  • Ranking:VA6

Roy is a very masculine red and black male. He has a great temperament with ready to please attitude. He loves playing ball and is very loyal and protective over his family. Roy has achieved some of the highest awards winning VA6 in the USA National Show where 5 different countries attended with their German Shepherds. He also has achieved the highest Schutzhund 3 and Breed Survey for KKL1 (recommended to breed) Roy’s pedigree comes from the West German Champion Sieger line dogs, where there is a long line of World Champion placements.

Breed Survey: Very strong male, excellent building ratio of the structure, very masculine, very good building harmony, very good head and expression, high withers, very good top line, very good length and situation of the kruppe. Very good in the rear, hindquarters winkelungen, harmonious breast development very good lower line. Gears of correct step grasping would follow very room grasping fluid absolutely correct front line powerful supply and free precedence being certainly, TSB stamped lets; off. V. very harmoniously.

Breeding recommendation: For the improvement of building deficiencies of all type especially in kruppe.

Show Record
04/12/2012 USA Sieger Show Indianapolis, IN, USA VA6
5/15/2011 OG-Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 02) Frohnau, Germany V3
3/27/2011 OG-Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 19) Langendorf e.V. Germany SG1
10/31/2010 OG-Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 20) Wismar, Germany SG1